About Us

About Us

I would say that I’d discovered my passion of baking since I was a little girl – Secretly hiding behind the kitchen’s door, curiously watching my grandma baked the pastries and cakes, I remember how the sweet vanilla and creamy butter smell, and how every little bit pieces brought in smile and sun shines into our home.

Keeping the memory with me, I was fortunate to be able to spend 8 years of my life and studying food technology in Europe. I have seen and learned European culinary and combined that with my root – my grandma’s secret recipes. Studying food technology also helped me to understand the essential of natural ingredients. Our pastries use no preservatives at all because I believe that pastries should not only bring us joy but also health.

With our homemade pastries, I hope to share the little bits of happy memories to everyone – as they truly come from the heart.